10Cric Privacy Policy

The 10Cric Privacy Policy is a document in which the 10Cric administrators explain how and for what purpose they use players’ personal information. So before using the company’s services, you have to register and agree to the terms of personal data processing.

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What Information Does 10Cric Collect?

The company only collects and processes the information it needs to provide 10Cric services. First and foremost, this is personal information, which includes:

  • Registration information – first and last name, e-mail, phone number, date of birth, physical address. Additionally, information about sources of income is requested, which is verified in the KYC procedure and serves to combat fraud and money laundering.
  • Identification – domestic and foreign passports, driver’s license, ID-card. These data are checked when verifying the user’s account.
  • Social networks – information that is used when authorizing in the system through other online venues. The company will have access to basic information from social networks: date of birth, name and surname, profile picture.
  • Payment details – number of debit or credit card, bank account, virtual wallet, electronic voucher. Financial information is necessary to use many of the company’s services, in particular, to make bets, withdraw money.
  • Device data – information about the hardware, type of device, as well as information needed to identify the user: MAC-address, UDID, geo-data, IMEI, IP-address.

The 10 Cric website also collects data that does not identify the player. It is the technical and analytical information, game process data (bets, bonuses, deposits, records).

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Purposes of Personal Information Processing

The personal data is processed for the following purposes:

  • Identifying the person and providing access to the paid services of the company;
  • Providing feedback to the player, including the promotion of gaming products and the processing of requests;
  • Providing effective technical support in case of any problems related to the gameplay;
  • Sending messages, including promotional and news alerts;
  • Analyzing statistical data based on anonymized information.

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Who is Personal Information about Players Reported to?

We reserve the right to share personal information with game providers, payment service providers, auditors and other financial advisors if you have consented to such activities. Information is exchanged with third parties if:

  • Use of certain 10Cric services is not possible without it;
  • 10Cric administration implements new technical measures to protect confidential data;
  • The transfer of data is stipulated by the procedure established by law;
  • The site is taken over by another company that has assumed responsibility for complying with the terms of this privacy policy.

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Ways to Protect Personal Information

The company has taken organizational, legal and technical measures to ensure the protection of information against alteration, copying, modification or destruction:

  • Cryptographic algorithms for data encryption and decryption;
  • Certified software on workstations involved in information processing;
  • Procedures aimed at detecting security vulnerabilities.

The operator reserves the right to unilaterally change the text of the privacy policy without prior notice to users. 

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