10Cric Anti Fraud

Anti Fraud is a software package to prevent unfair gaming by unscrupulous users. The technological solutions used on the 10Cric website and in the application are designed to combat dishonest players and cheaters.

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How Does Anti Fraud Work?

Modern anti-fraud systems use algorithms at all stages of gambling – from account creation to withdrawal. Different parameters are taken into consideration when identifying suspicious transactions:

  • The IP address of the device;
  • The presence of rejected payments;
  • History of transactions on the account;
  • Payment amount;
  • Bank card token.

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The key area of Anti Fraud’s work is protection against multi-account holders and cyber fraudsters. The mechanics of such system depends on the stage of the gameplay and is as follows:

  • Registration – the profile data of a new user is compared with the database of regular players. At the same time the technical characteristics of the device from which the account is created are assessed, potential threats are detected: proxies, VPNs.
  • Depositing money – we analyze average sums and methods of depositing.
  • Placing bets – the mode of play, frequency of betting on forked events are analyzed. Additionally, viewing events in the line, betting sizes are taken into account.
  • Withdrawals – frequency of cashouts and average withdrawal amounts are determined.

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Anti Fraud conducts a thorough analysis on the basis of the above parameters, which helps to identify potentially dangerous users. They get penalty points within this system. Restrictive measures depend on their number, for example, identity verification is initiated for the first time. If a player regularly uses arbitrage situations when betting, his payout maximums are reduced.

In addition, an automated anti-fraud system regularly analyzes the database for matches. If it finds any duplicates, the suspicious accounts are immediately blocked or the user they belong to is verified.

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Account Verification

Account verification is the verification of the player’s identity. It is used for:

  • Age verification. The 10Cric website provides services to users over the age of 18. It does not accept minors, as it threatens with the withdrawal of the gambling license. The verification procedure helps to identify offenders and limit their access to gambling.
  • Fraud detection. Identification serves to combat fraudsters who use gambling sites to launder money. It also discourages multi-accounting for multiple bonuses.

To get verified at 10Cric, you need to show your documents – passport, driver’s license or ID-card. In rare cases, security officers need to verify that the user is a resident of the country he or she indicated when registering. In such cases, they ask to see a utility receipt or bank statement.

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